304 stainless steel crate washing machine and crate dryer optional

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The whole equipment adopts SUS304 stainless steel products, set cold, hot water cleaning in one, can replace the traditional manual cleaning operations, to meet the requirements of different food enterprises a large number of turnover box cleaning. The revolving basket cleaning machine/box washing machine has reliable performance. Smooth operation, simple installation and maintenance, with high production efficiency, good cleaning effect, low energy consumption, long service life and other characteristics.

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1. the use of frequency conversion motor scheduling, to meet the requirements of different production volume turnover box cleaning.

2. cleaning nozzle three-dimensional square installation structure, cold and hot water cleaning, cleaning more thoroughly.

3. The water tank level and water temperature adopt automatic control design, so that the energy consumption is reduced to a minimum.

4. Unique double track design makes the turnover box run more smoothly. 5, the main parts of the shell can be removed, easy maintenance.


The equipment is suitable for meat, aquatic products, vegetables and other kinds of food processing enterprises turnover box (plate) cleaning, sterilization.

Parameters Two Stage Cleaning

Item Unit Specification
Equipment body Cleaning capacity /h 350~600
Conveyor speed m/min 4.9~8Adjustable
Maximum crate size m m 650*350
Product size m m 3600*1700*1600
The tank number 2
Multi-stage cleaning —— main cleaning,Pre-cleaning,water cleaning
Water cycle —— Water cleaning-main cleaning - pre- cleaning(overflow)
Voltage —— 3PH
Power KW 13.37

Parameters Three Stage Cleaning

Item Unit Specification
Equipment body Cleaning capacity /h 600~1000
Conveyor speed m/min 7.5~11.3


Maximum crate size m m 650*350
Product size m m 4800*1700*1600
The tank number 3
Multi-stage cleaning —— Pre-cleaning, main cleaning, rinsing, water cleaning
Water cycle —— Water cleaning-rinsing-main cleaning
Voltage —— 3PH
Power KW 17.57

Parameters Parameters Configurable Air Dryer

Item Unit Specifications





Device body

Air dry Pieces/h 500~900
transfer speed m / min 7.5~11.3
Maximum air-dry size (W*H) mm 650*300
Dimensions of the device (length*width*height) mm 2300*1000*1600
High pressure centrifugal fan Kw 5.5*2
motor Kw 0.37
power supply —— Three-phase five-wire system 3PH
Total power Kw 11.37
chain —— stainless steel chain

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